Innovations Making Tiny House Ownership Easier

Luci Solar Light

I originally saw a video of a guy blowing up this solar light and I needed one. Like everything else in my life I thought I better buy 4 just in case the light of 1 wasn’t bright enough. Now I own 4 of them and I have 4 super bright lights (1 was enough but there’s no way I’m returning the other ones). From there puck light shape when they arrive all you need is air and sun, which last time I checked were both free… so cool. All you do is set the light in the sun and blow them up a few hours later and you have a GREAT light source. Lucie lights are effortless and functional!

Hitchin Rods

Hitchin’ Rods have kept me out of prison, seriously I’m not joking. Prior to owning Hitchin’ Rods my boyfriend would be in the truck backing up with me shouting “this way that way, no this way”. Obviously he couldn’t hear me… so after backing up, pulling forward (doing this 4-5 times) we would start off our vacation in a huge fighting match. We have successfully used Hitchin’ Rods time after time and now start off our vacations with NO anxiety.

Motorola 2 Way Radios

I really don’t want to promote one brand of 2 way radios, but our Motorola radios are reliable and easy to use. I can’t stress enough the communication required when you own a THOW (tiny house on wheels). Whether you are parking, hitching, leveling, hooking up utilities it is the most efficient way to communication with your partner in crime.

Ovente Tea Kettle

I have to admit I originally purchased this tea kettle because I loved the color choices. Much to my surprise three years later I’m using it in my tiny house. This elegantly designed electric kettle shuts off automatically when it hits the boiling point. It saves you from having to boil water on your propane stove top and couldn’t be easier to use. Ironically enough I rarely use it for tea, it is perfect compliment to my Coffee Gator and great for any pre-packaged foods only needing hot water. Just for the record I bought the Orange one, happy boiling!

Coffee Gator

I LOVE coffee and instant coffee is gross! I have tried every instant coffee under the sun and I challenge the world to change my mind (use my Contact Us if you dare). I can’t bring myself to put a Keurig type of coffee pot in my tiny house. All those k-cups to store, plus they probably are not good for the environment. Considering there are just two of us and old school bulky coffee pot isn’t desirable either. Like I said I LOVE coffee and now I have found a new love, my coffee gator. It is small and simple and Phil Williams hit the nail on the head with this invention. Phil you are my hero!

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