One of my biggest frustrations on selecting a toilet for my tiny house is the lack of detailed information regarding tiny house bathrooms. The media is willing to show a cool copper tub base with a stand up shower but they don’t go into detail of the other side of the bathroom, the toilet.

I relied on my builder, Escape of Rice Lake Wisconsin, to explain the toilet options they offer. Please keep in mind what we chose may not work for you, everyone uses their tiny house differently. I would suggest contemplating how you are going to be living or using your tiny house before picking options of any kind. Please keep in mind when I say tiny house I also mean THOW (tiny house on wheels, which is what ours is).

We chose the Laveo Dry Flush toilet because we are not living in our TinyKat full time. Also we wanted to stay away from water and black tanks.. The Laveo Dry Flush Toilet at the time of this blog is an upgrade with Escape (our builder) which cost $800. The Laveo looks just like a regular toilet with the only noticeable difference being the inner lining of the toilet. The silver material within the bowl spins to wrap the waste, currently it is not biodegradable but Laveo states they are in the process of investigating that option. The Laveo is an electric waterless toilet therefore you do not need water holding tanks, black water tanks or the need to drain black water tanks. Every time you “flush,” the “bowl” is collapsed and a twist is formed in the continuous feed of material above the waste, effectively wrapping it, and holding it sealed in the bottom of the container. This patented process of sealing off the waste in barrier material ensures there is nothing to see and nothing to smell! Once the cycle is complete a new bowl is formed from the bagging material. As my better half, Ty, and I navigated this toilet we found that the claims Laveo makes are legitimate. The main things I like about the Laveo is there is no odor, no visuals and discarding and replacing the cartridge couldn’t be easier. A red line appears on the material that lets you know that the cartridge has about two more flushes and you should change the cartridge. You may be asking, “Is it ok to throw the waste away?”. Here’s the answer from Laveo: Yes! All landfills accept human waste to accommodate baby and adult diapers. Standard regulations require that waste be contained in plastic bags. (we are currently working on a biodegradable bagging system). Now for the challenging part, the cartridges, each cartridge gives you up to 17 flushes. Before you say, well that’s great what a system you probably would like to know how much a refill cartridge is. At the time of this blog each cartridge is $19.16 at Home Depot. For us the Laveo works but believe me I understand if your head just exploded from the cartridge price. Other than the price of the cartridge and the silver material not being biodegradable I think Laveo has invented a great toilet for our use.


  • The toilet is comfortable and visually familiar

  • There is no visual waste when approaching

  • There is no odor

  • No water or black tanks needed

  • Can operate off grid if you charge it

  • Inner lining makes it easy to dispose of waste

  • Indicator when you are at the end of the cartridge so there’s no mess


  • Price of the cartridges

  • Will not operate off grid if not charged

  • Inner lining is not biodegradable

I’m just Kat. I’m not a tiny house expert or even close…Just trying to share my thoughts and experiences as I navigate through this trend of Tiny Houses! I would appreciate any input, corrections or follow-up comments you can provide in an effort to help answer questions people have.