What Inspired Me to Purchase a Tiny Home

My Tiny Home Story

Howdy I’m Kat and my trusty bulldog is Chompers and our THOW is TinyKat.

I can tell you I didn’t start out saying, “Hey let’s look for a 172 square foot tiny home!”. I was unsure what I was looking for but had a few ideas of how we wanted to use it. Whatever “it” was “it” needed to be on wheels, provide the luxuries of a traditional home and needed to be affordable. I started out looking at RV’s, from canned hams to fifth wheels and Air Streams, none of them compelled me enough to pursue. Next I did an online search for THOW builders just to see if there were any in our area. A Google search led me to Escape, a tiny home builder in Rice Lake Wisconsin. One look at their tiny homes put me in the car on Friday at 3am heading up to Rice Lake to meet the owner, Dan. Once at Escape I found Vista and fell in love. I knew I had to have it so I bought it. In 6-8 weeks I went to pick up Tiny Kat which is a 21” THOW, it contains all the features I was looking for and in some cases more. I do not live in it full time, I use it as a vacation home at Pearl Lake in Beloit Illinois from May-October. I plan to move it south to warmer climate during the winter but I have to see where that journey takes me!

Kat & Chompers