One of my biggest frustrations on selecting a toilet for my tiny house is the lack of detailed information regarding tiny house bathrooms. The media is willing to show a cool copper tub base with a stand up shower but they don’t go into detail of the other side of the bathroom, the toilet.

I relied on my builder, Escape of Rice Lake Wisconsin, to explain the toilet options they offer. Please keep in mind what we chose may not work for you, everyone uses their tiny house differently. I would suggest contemplating how you are going to be living or using your tiny house before picking options of any kind. Please keep in mind when I say tiny house I also mean THOW (tiny house on wheels, which is what ours is).

Prior to visiting Escape to see the toilet I freely talked about how gross composting toilets are and to be really really honest I had no idea what the hell I was talking about. I made massive assumptions about composting toilets prior to seeing the Separett Villa in action. When I saw this Separett Villa toilet the appearance was similar to a flush toilet which was way different than a bucket with a trash bag around it. Another assumption I had was odor… Boy was I wrong, the manufacturer has covered all the bases. The Separett Villa has features which help eliminate odor. The toilet has concealing view screen feature which are wing like flaps that cover the opening of the bowl. The flaps open when you sit on the toilet. This feature is meant to make your approach to the toilet visually pleasant. I would imagine it also helps reduce odor because it is covered. Also the Separett Villa has a vent and fan to the outside which exhausts any odors. This feature is also great when you use the shower to exhaust any condensation which is the tiny house’s worst enemy. The Separett Villa can be used off the grid but electronic features will not be available. On grid the unit exhausts odor and has a rotating bowl to disperse waste evenly. Another feature of the Separett Villa is the urine diverting design. Urine diversion, also called urine separation or source separation, refers to the separate collection of human urine and feces at the point of their production within the toilet. The urine from the toilet can be routed into a small drain pit or or disposed of like gray water (if you are doing this please check your local codes and ordinances I don’t want you to get in trouble). I hate to even go there but some people also collect the urine, add water and turn it into fertilizer… I say wow you go people… alas it’s not for me. The Separett Villa’s waste (not urine) is collected in three containers within the toilet and comes with 20 disposal bags which you simply lift out of the toilet. I think this toilet is really neat and had I not seen it in person I would be absolutely confused as to how it works. Like most tiny house toilet options, there is no perfect solution yet. A challenge I can’t quite figure out is how men urinate in this thing while standing up and hitting the mark.  If you know please feel free to email me and I’d love to share with people if/how this is possible (I will omit your name for privacy lol).


  • Disposal bags are biodegradable

  • No water tank or black water tank needed

  • Can be used off and on grid

  • Exhaust fan

  • Wings hide visibles upon approach the toilet


  • Off grid means electronic features do not work

  • Conflict with #1 male vs female (read the 2nd to the last sentence)

  • Disposal bag expense, at the time of this blog $1.95 per bag from the manufacturer

  • Urine diverter disposal may go against area codes

I’m just Kat. I’m not a tiny house expert or even close…Just trying to share my thoughts and experiences as I navigate through this trend of Tiny Houses! I would appreciate any input, corrections or follow-up comments you can provide in an effort to help answer questions people have.