flush toilet

One of my biggest frustrations on selecting a toilet for my tiny house is the lack of detailed information regarding tiny house bathrooms. The media is willing to show a cool copper tub base with a stand up shower but they don’t go into detail of the other side of the bathroom, the toilet.

I relied on my builder, Escape of Rice Lake Wisconsin, to explain the toilet options they offer. Please keep in mind what we chose may not work for you, everyone uses their tiny house differently. I would suggest contemplating how you are going to be living or using your tiny house before picking options of any kind. Please keep in mind when I say tiny house I also mean THOW (tiny house on wheels, which is what ours is).

The standard flush toilet (Escape offers Toto brand), is similar to the toilet you have in your bathroom. Although this a standard item Escape offers with their tiny houses, the water tanks are a premium upgrade… so basically you can’t have a flush toilet without a water tank. Another thing to keep in mind with a standard toilet is you will also need a black water tank. Blackwater is wastewater containing feces, urine and flush water from flush toilet. Most RV resorts have a pumping station where this material can be disposed of of, there are also mobile companies who will come to you to pump out.. I’m not sure how many flushes it would take to fill the black water tank before you would have to pump out. Escape suggested it was 20-30 for their units. I would recommend contacting them or your builder for specifics.


  • The toilet is comfortable and familiar to what you know

  • Cost effective option long term

  • Best option if your tiny house is permanently located in one spot


  • Water tank has to be filled

  • Black water tank has to be pumped

  • The extra weight of the tanks

  • More “stuff” (tanks, hoses, and rubber gloves)

  • Finding a pumping station or mobile pumping truck $$$

I’m just Kat. I’m not a tiny house expert or even close…Just trying to share my thoughts and experiences as I navigate through this trend of Tiny Houses! I would appreciate any input, corrections or follow-up comments you can provide in an effort to help answer questions people have.