“Where am I going to park it?” is the most popular question asked to Titan Tiny Homes owner Robert Clarizio. He may have an answer for his future customers and that answer may be soon. Robert is currently working on a plan to start a coop tiny house community in Villa Park, Illinois. At a recent open house held at Titan Tiny Homes, guests were invited to walk around his warehouse, tiny homes, and listen to an exciting announcement regarding the ordinance meeting in Villa Park Illinois. Robert urged anyone who cares about the tiny home movement to attend the meeting. He allowed for open discussion and Q&A which was very informative. There is a sense of urgency with the Villa Park meeting, if you are interested contact Titan Tiny Homes for date and time.

So anyone who really knows me would not be surprised I was filled with questions, raising my hand every 3 minutes. Also, anyone who knows me realizes I try to keep my site independent. If you have any questions about Titan Tiny Homes I would love it if you contact them directly.

Here are my “Ah ha’s” from the Titan Tiny Home Open House:

  • Titan Tiny Homes Open House was …. OPEN! The friendly owner Robert deserves major kudos for being vulnerable. He was as open as his event, answered every question asked, wanted to help people find places for their  tiny house, and just a great resource for all thing tiny house. He admits finding a  location for a tiny home is challenging it IS NOT impossible. A gentleman named Chris was also onsite and acts as his nationwide sales manager. He also was open to questions and a great resource for the financial side of purchasing a tiny home.
  • Titan Tiny Home Numbers
    • 1 hour – Location of this tiny home builder from Chicago
    • 10-15 Days – The number of days it takes them to build a home
    • 30 – The number of homes sold per year (they are shooting to double that number in 2018)
    • 30 – The number of employees
    • 500 – The number of miles outside of Illinois their homes find their homes
  • Home building standards vary from geographic areas, being a Midwesterner I wanted to know if these homes can exist in the area I live in, Illinois. The answer from Titan Tiny Homes is YES. Features like the R30 insulated walls, to quality windows and door, skirting around the home to utilize the geothermal heat from the earth, interior water heaters etc. help make these homes virtually maintenance free. For more features please contact them, there are too many to mention.
  • Customizing these homes is basically where Titan starts with their customers. No two homes are ever alike because every customer is different. After stepping inside each unit at their open house I can confirm they are right, each house had it’s own unique design and didn’t have a unified Titan look. Robert and crew did a great job staging each home so you can visually connect what it would be like to live in one.
  • The crew at Titan is community minded and forward thinking. The owner, Robert,  realizes he must develop strategies for these homes to be placed in existing communities or customers will struggle trying to figure it out, which may affect their decision to purchase. He states, in order to find a location you have to start with the City or Village Ordinances. What he is anticipating for Villa Park will hopefully be successful and he can duplicate communities in other areas.
  • Robert, the owner, is a minimalist who wants to provide affordable dwellings for all types of people and all types of situations. It appears his thinking cannot be contained by a box with the development of his “mobile outreach unit”. This mobile outreach unit is a small (maybe even micro) structure less than 80 square feet. The one onsite was an office headed out to California. This tiny structure comes in 5 difference configurations and as I looked at it my mind swirled with dozens of uses. I’m excited to see the evolution of this new addition, especially the name. I think it should be called The Kat… heck why not ask maybe I’ll receive 😛

To keep my site true to my heart I did not get into the design, layout, features of each Titan Tiny Home. I feel all tiny homes are as unique as the people buying them. It is not my job to sort features into categories of good vs. bad, unless it is specific to the home I own because I picked out the features. In closing I was so proud of this builder who is literally 20 minutes away from my home. Robert and his crew are very focused on the younger generations ability to buy homes, passionate about providing customers with what they want, and the future development of tiny home communitiies.

Titan Tiny Homes Information:

1640 Shanahan Drive, South Elgin, IL
1 847 443 4096